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Because accounting is not just for making statements, it's for GCE® decision-making, it offers you:

- Accounting outsourcing in all types of companies that carry out commercial or service activities, whether for profit or not, private or public, capital or persons under local regulations or IFRS.

- We process accounting information in software in the cloud, via the web, avoiding the transfer of documents from your place of origin and with the possibility of consulting the information in real time.

-We elaborate, analyze and project financial statements, cash flows, financial, management and operating indicators in general.

- We accompany the implementation, elaboration and evaluation of internal and external control systems such as "ISO" Standards (Version 2008 and 2015), "SGS" and "SST"; We even have experience in "SCM".

-Auditoria and Fiscal Revisoría based on Strategic Planning of the Work and obtaining of tests under the international standards of Audit "NIAS".

- Projection and elaboration of taxes; Income and equity declarations, retefuente, VAT, ICA, Property and Fees or Contributions.

These services are developed through the member companies of our NETWORK and with the support of GCE ENTERPRISE WORLDWIDE S.A.S.